What we do love to do

What we
DO LOVE to do

At Takenchi, we have a blast whether we’re conjuring up new universes of our own or spicing up the projects we’re called upon to collaborate with.


We revel in being a part of the entertainment industry at large, with a particular passion for animation and video games. Our services come with a unique, authorial vision, as our studio is helmed by experienced directors who know how to bring the heat!


Story Development / Storyboarding / Direction


Conceptual & Visual Development / Character Design Environment & Prop Design / Art Direction / llustration

Full Productions

Script to Screen (up to 2 minutes)

Our Vision

Concept is everything.

We’re all about bringing some serious value to the table every time we’re called upon. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve a vision that’s authentically theirs, with a unique edge that sets them apart from the rest. We get there by digging deep and iterating with the client until we’ve honed in on concepts that are absolutely rock solid, giving us the perfect foundation to build an unforgettable output.

Our Approach

We have the workflow

We’re not a one-trick pony. We adapt to each project’s needs, analyzing every piece to offer a tailored plan that guarantees excellence and viability. Our bag of tricks includes 3D blockouts, camera mapping, and asset library generation, giving us the right tool for every situation.

Our Value

Not just a pretty face

At our core, we know that the real value of our work goes beyond the final product. We’re all about fostering collaboration, building connections, and brewing wicked synergies to make the creative process run as smooth as possible. That’s why we don’t just deliver assets – we provide the toolkits, templates, and breakdowns needed to keep your project comfortably on track and flowing from start to finish.

Our Range

Everything can be stylized

We admire many artists who fuel our daily inspiration and we pour our creative souls into a vast array of styles. Whether in sophisticated screens for video games or minimalist backgrounds for cut-out series, we never fail to add our signature flair of design and stylization.

Our Team

Size DOES matter!

Our specialized in-house and collaborative team is small yet scalable, allowing us to prioritize quality, reliability, and a close-knit service experience. We’re thoughtful about the projects we take on, opting for those where we can add the most value, rather than focusing solely on the size of the commission. But don’t let our selectivity fool you: we’re ready to share our know-hows with larger productions, whenever and wherever we’re needed in the pipeline.


Friends, artists, clients, investors, producers and philanthropists. Coming together and networking. Spinning a web strong enough to hold our creativity. Feel free to drop by and say hi when you see us touring, the beers are on us!


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